The Roman Fort Project

Rome Invades - Conquer & Consolidate

The creation of a Roman and Iron Age Realm featuring a full-scale size Roman Fort and Celtic settlement is one of the main objectives of Park in the Past. The Romans had conquered the soft southern underbelly of Britannia in AD43 but by the AD60s we know they were active in this area too and suspect there was a timber fort near here to keep a watchful eye on the native hill fort a short distance away. The Roman fort would be stationed on a road network that extended deep into Wales and just a day's march from the Fortress of Deva (now Chester).
This Roman Realm will transport visitors back nearly 2,000 years to the time when the Roman Army marched into Wales to subdue and control the native Britons through strategically placed forts supported by signal stations and regular patrols into hostile territory in the 1st century around AD70.

Big Fort Build Begins

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign in June 2018 to raise £20,000 to start to build the main gate tower of the Roman fort.  It was a fantastic success thanks to the generosity of all our supporters and friends. In less than 4 weeks, we'd surpassed our target and across August Bank Holiday 25th - 27th, we'll make history by starting to build the first authentic Roman fort in almost 2,000 years using natural materials and construction techniques. This truly is an astounding challenge where we hope to learn so much about the skill and expertise of Roman legionaries during the control and consolidation phase of the Roman occupation of Britannia.

Hall of Fame

Big Support

Special thanks for amazing support goes to Roman expert Richard Beleson in America and celebrated Sunday Times' bestseller authors Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow and Anthony Riches along with aficionados Adrian Tyte, Steven Cockings and David Pickering who really pulled all the stops out to make sure the Big Fort Build fundraising campaign was a fantastic success. Between them they raised thousands of pounds through direct donations and auctioning off rare books and Roman artefacts. Thank you guys for all your hard work and belief in the project. You are up there in the pantheon of park supporters!

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