Prehistoric Landscape

Park in the Past was once part of a stunning prehistoric landscape that stretched back to the Ice Age in Britain 2.6 million years ago. 

Prehistoric peoples left their mark over tens of thousands of years hunting huge animals now extinct. There is evidence that this area of Wales was a special place to early communities in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age periods producing permanent features and artefacts that survive to this day. 

Victorian maps show Caergwrle Castle, an Iron Age fort and an alignment of standing stones which intriguingly appear to pass through the park and may still survive on the ground today. The Caergwrle Bowl, thought to represent a Bronze Age boat and now in the National Museum of Wales, was found just a stone's throw away, and the famed exquisite gold masterpiece known as the Mold Cape was also found nearby. 

The Caergwrle Bowl

Prehistoric Bison Tooth

Mold Cape

We want to re-imagine and re-create the prehistoric landscape to discover how our ancestors survived often against the odds, built monuments, developed complex belief systems and commemorated their dead.

This will be a unique experiment and you are invited to join us on our journey into the distant past. It will be a great adventure!

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