Restoring The Past


Imagine you could step back in time to when the Romans arrived in North Wales…The smell of wet bracken, long grass and oiled steel on a damp autumn morning. The sound of a rider’s jingling harness, the clonk of wooden shields on armour and the orders of the officers calling out blanketing the birdsong and the rustling in the undergrowth. The feel of the wind blowing along the wide shallow valley, bringing with it a hint of rain, and of smoke… and of rebellion.

Our Aims

We want to create a unique window into the past so that visitors can step back in time and see how our ancestors lived.

We want to create a world class facility where original research can be carried out into how our ancestors lived, and how they managed their natural world.

Making it Happen

We want you to join us to work with University-based experts to build a fully functional Roman fort and an Iron Age farmstead set within the original environment, which will be sustainably managed to allow us to supply, maintain and operate these facilities using locally produced materials and produce.

We want to support and encourage experimental archaeology and original research into how these buildings were used by the people who lived in them.



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