“We want to create an education, research and training resource for students of all ages and abilities. We want to broaden peoples’ horizons, to champion historical and environmental conservation, and to highlight the importance of the Welsh language and culture both in Wales and beyond.”


We want to develop a world class research facility to research the First Century through the techniques of experimental archaeology, historical ecology, whilst incorporating the etymology of Welsh, Latin and English words into interpretation material. This work will be carried out to accepted academic standards. We are now members of EXARC, the international experimental archaeology organisation.


Our programme of habitat creation and restoration will be designed to appeal to students of the biological and environmental sciences, complementing the historical and social science offer of the historical elements. We will develop an educational programme which will be firmly balanced between the humanities and the environmental sciences, and seek to draw the disciplines together in order to promote an appreciation of both. We will also create way marked routes for visitors to follow, and set up interpretation boards and panels to maximise the educational value of their visit.

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