Visitor Information

To get the most out of your visit please read this advice and safety information

Access:  Access to the site is only permitted through the main entrance on Fagl Lane. If you are parking in front of our main gates please make sure that there is always enough space for the team use the gates to access the site.

Current Site use:  Dogs must be under control at all times.  Any dog that is aggressive or prone to biting must not be allowed off-leash.  Please pick up any dog faeces, ideally using a bio-degradable bag and take it home or dispose of it in a county-provided dog bin.  Please do not leave it hanging from a tree or thrown in a hedge.  Alternatively, we also allow the Forestry Commission's view of “Stick and Flick”  to keep paths and pedestrian areas so that it is not walked in.

Walking and wildlife:   This is a very beautiful place to walk and we very much appreciate your support in keeping it tidy.  Please take all litter home with you and obey information signs restricting access to various ecologically sensitive at certain times of the year.  Please do not approach our swans or disturb nests.  

The lake:  The lake is a deep aquifer-filled body of water that has various depths from 9 meters to 20 metres.  The lakesides are mostly steep in deep water so please do not stand close to the edges.   Swimming, boating or fishing is not allowed by unauthorised people. Do not put pollutants into the lake at any time. There are life-saving rings situated on all four sides of the lake for emergency use.  DO NOT TAMPER WITH LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT. 

How To find us:

Located on the edge of the villages of Hope and Caergwrle in a former sand and gravel quarry.  The main entrance is on Fagl lane, Hope LL129HB.   The site is close to Hope Railway station on the Wrexham to Bidston line.   Several bus routes stop near the site from Wrexham and Mold and Chester

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