Britain's Big Fort Build

Britain's Big Fort Build at Park In The Past

We're making history by building the first entire timber auxiliary fort using authentic techniques and materials - the first Roman fort to be built in Britain in almost 2,000 years!

And what's more, it's set in an ecologically-rich rewilded 1st century landscape full of native flora and fauna including keystone species like beavers!

This truly is an astounding experimental archaeology challenge. We are learning so much about the skill and expertise of soldiers who came here from all over the vast Roman Empire during the early Roman occupation of Britannia.

The amazing story so far!

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign in June 2018 raising over £23,000 to build the main gate tower of the Roman fort. It was a fantastic success thanks to the generosity of all our supporters and friends.

Our second crowdfunder campaign in 2021 resulted in raising funds to build the ramparts and defensive ditch. 2022 saw us extend the palisades, add corner towers and erect the framework for the fabrica (construction workshop) and barrack block. In 2023, we completed the fabrica complete with authentic and atmospheric living quarters for 16 auxiliary troops!

2023/2024 Crowdfunder Campaign

And now we invite you to join us on this once in a lifetime experience to get involved in this unique project by helping us to build the Commander's HQ or Principia - which will be the centre-piece of the Big fort Build.

Everyone who donates will have the opportunity to see the big fort build in action and talk to our super-skilled fort builders Gary and Callum, as well as meet Roman troops from our very own Legio XX Deva Victrix band of brothers and sisters!

So please click on 'donate' and join us on a journey into the distant past to experience how your ancestors lived 2,000 years ago!

Big thank you for your continuing support

Special thanks goes to bestseller author Ben Kane and Roman expert Richard Beleson in America as well as distinguished authors Simon Scarrow and Anthony Riches along with aficionados Adrian Tyte, Steven Cockings and David Pickering.
Thank you guys for all your generosity and belief in the project. You are up there in the pantheon of Park in the Past supporters!
Artists impression of the completed fort.
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