Swim, SUP & Kayak

Lake activities are once again available at Park in the Past!

During the winter period we are currently only accepting in-person bookings for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at our Visitor Information Centre, not online. The cost for swim, kayak and SUP is £6 per person per session (not including equipment).

**Please be sure to check our Facebook page for alerts about weather and safety updates.**

Swim and Paddle in our 35-acre lake surrounded by the stunning scenery of Park in The Past.

The Lake is around 35 acres and has some sections which are 30 meters deep.  Currently, we have half of this water for you to use and may extend this depending on our wildfowl population

Important Information

To kayak or paddle safely you must wear a life jacket.
To swim safely you must have a tow float. You can buy a tow float from us when available.
Please note that we cannot allow dinghies on our lake at this time.

You must have a ticket to swim or kayak at Park in the Past and be an adult. We reserve the right to suspend, revoke or cancel your ticket should you breach any of our rules and behave in such a way as to disturb or be disrespectful to our wildlife and supervising wardens and team.  You may only swim or paddle in a designated area of the lake and must not cross the tow line. Please read and understand the risks of swimming in the park in the past lake. 

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