Park in The Past is managed by a Community Interest Company which has been set up to restore and manage Fagl Lane Quarry, in North East Wales, primarily for the benefit of the nearby residents of Hope, Caergwrle, and Pen y ffordd, in Flintshire.

Restoring The Past

Imagine you could step back in time to when the Romans arrived in North Wales…The smell of wet bracken, long grass and oiled steel on a damp autumn morning. The sound of a rider’s jingling harness, the clonk of wooden shields on armour and the orders of the officers calling out blanketing the birdsong and the rustling in the undergrowth. The feel of the wind blowing along the wide shallow valley, bringing with it a hint of rain, and of smoke… and of rebellion.



Our Legal Structure

Park in the Past is a Community Interest Company, or CIC for short, a type of limited company designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for public good.


As a CIC, we are required to produce an annual Community Interest Report, so that our stakeholders – local people – will have the assurance of a real community benefit as well as transparency about the company’s activities.

Asset lock

The asset lock is a fundamental feature of Community Interest Companies. “Asset Lock” is a general term used to cover all the provisions designed to ensure that the assets of the CIC (including any profits or other surpluses generated by its activities) are used for the benefit of the community. Any surpluses will be applied to a general reserve for the continuation and development of the Company and to make payments for social and community purposes within the community served by the Company. This means that we are prohibited from distributing profits or assets to our members.

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