We’ve been busy with more work on Britain's BIG Fort Build

We’ve been busy with more work on Britain's BIG Fort Build.

We’ve had a great time recently continuing to build our Roman fort. The fort continues to evolve and grow as a testament to the wonderful support we’ve had from our supporters, volunteers and builders.

The corner towers are now in situ. They are crafted using oak and are held in position with wooden pegs. With so much variation in the build as we go we are planning to develop the palisade along the way.

The Fabrica is continuing to grow as we work on adding the roof and walls to it. The space created in this fabrica can be utilised as a workshop space or classroom area for those keen on learning about the Roman structure.

We still have roof shingles available for sponsorship of the Fabrica. If you’d like to have your name or that of a loved one added to a roof shingle that will be visible on the inside of the building just donate via our Local Giving page: https://localgiving.org/fundraising/buildthisfort/

Find out about the latest updates in our builds via the news section of our website. We look forward to keeping you informed of all the exciting developments as they happen.

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