Big Fort Build Update

We’ve been making some amazing progress here at Park in the Past on our Big Fort Build!

The first full-size Roman fort to be built in Britain for 2000 years has been coming on leaps and bounds recently and we have some amazing news to share with you.

We have added extensions to our defensive palisade to enforce our protection against large-scale attacks! Our tower ramparts have been reinforced to add extra strength to them. We now have all four corner towers installed and even have communal toilets!

There has been a lot of work as we’ve added rampart supports for the main gate as well as enhanced the whole site’s defences. We have also created a surface water drainage system in order to keep our troops dry even when the sky opens.

We will be able to accommodate 1200 auxiliary troops and cavalry once to fort is completed. Big Fort is built based on an actual fort in Scotland and is the first full-size Roman fort to be built in the UK for over 2000 years.

Through the site’s production, our incredible workforce has given groundbreaking insights into Roman buildings. With passion and drive our team has worked tirelessly to get us to this point and we couldn’t be prouder of our amazing volunteers and everything we’ve achieved.

Our expert builders and support team have worked astonishingly fast and with incredible devotion. Even when the British weather tried to stand in the way of the project our team weren’t perturbed and battled on through extreme weather conditions to hit the targets we set ourselves.

The Fabrica workshop has been a wonderful centre of construction operations and the completely authentic barracks block is historically accurate in every minute detail. We are excited to show groups around and take them back to the Roman days, travelling further beyond the veils of time with every step.

We are so proud of our progress with the largest and most ambitious experimental archaeology project in Britain -  a unique and stunning visitor attraction. We are now open to visitors and schools to see how far we’ve come… we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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